Standards-Based Management


Using standard tools, terms and practices gets everyone on the same page – and lets executives delegate with confidence.

CEOs trust them, and employees love working for them

Great managers run great meetings; they lead innovative teams and successful projects. They foster a culture of collaboration, and they clearly communicate direction and priorities.

But being an effective manager requires command of the technical and ethical standards.

A Simple, Scalable System

Standards-Based Management is described fully in our white paper, Atoms & Orchestras. Jargon-free language and clear standards of behavior relieve the friction that’s too common at work. Visit The Toolkit to learn how to apply the standards to your organization.

A Manager Development Community

The Center for Management Terms & Practices was launched in 2017 after a pilot with the US Small Business Administration. We are a community of generalists—managers who work cross-functionally—from organizations of all sectors and sizes.

The Technical Standards

The Ethical Standards

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