Standards-Based Management

We build better bosses.

CEOs trust them, and employees love working for them.  Be a great boss for your team!

Great bosses build trust and collaboration. They let executives delegate with confidence.

Great managers lead innovative teams and successful projects. They run effective meetings and clearly communicate direction and priorities. They’re the bosses everybody wants to work for – and who build a reputation for their organization as a great place to work.

But being a great manager requires command of the three critical standards.

A Simple, Scalable System

Standards-Based Management is detailed in our book, Atoms & Orchestras. Like musical notation, it gets any size group onto the same page. One simple language, three clear standards, and four 1-page tools relieve the miscommunication and friction that’s too common at work. The Toolkit shows how to apply the standards to your organization.

A Manager Development Community

The Center for Management Terms & Practices is the standards body for general management, launched in 2017 after a pilot with the Small Business Administration. We are a community of generalists—managers who work cross-functionally—from organizations of all sectors and sizes. We believe management is a calling, an opportunity to help others reach their full potential.

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