Best practice of the week: 3.2.1 Workflow analysis

You might now see disrupted workflow, supply chains and lines of communications. There are well-established best practices for quickly defining and redesigning efficient work processes: your employees, customers, vendors and community are counting on you. Keep calm and carry on!


Definition of Workflow analysis: Determining how to optimize the sequence of activities for routine and customized work.

Practice Summary

  • Define: What (purpose), Why (inputs and outputs), How (main tasks), When, Who, Where
  • Determine: major decision points
  • Develop: a checklist for completeness and a workflow diagram for efficiency and consistency

3 Good Questions (discuss in a management meeting)

  1. What can happen to change our work processes?
  2. Do we have too many exceptions to our standard processes?
  3. How does our physical layout limit process efficiencies?

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World War II forced many innovations which in its aftermath improved the global quality of life: penicillin, computers and pressurized airplane cabins. In today’s crisis, your team can strengthen their collaborative spirit by working together to develop new and better means of working.