About Us

One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple. ― Jack Kerouac


We help managers be respected as competent, caring, and inspiring.  Our members see management as a calling, an opportunity to help each and every employee reach their full potential.  The world needs more managers who can bring people together to achieve something meaningful.  We build great bosses.


The Center for Management Terms & Practices is a US business launched in 2017 after ten years of development and a pilot with the Small Business Administration.  Its tools, terms, and training have been used by hundreds of managers in every sector.  The core of its work is The Index of General Management.

Code of Ethics

We don’t want anyone to use the Center’s ideas to do something hurtful or hateful. This is why the term 1.1 in The Index of General Management is Ethics and the law.  Please study and discuss its Definition, 3 Good Questions, and Approved Resources.  Please also read the Center’s Code of Ethics; your subscription obligates you to abide by it.


Before founding the Center in 2017, Derrick Van Mell was a management advisor for 25 years and worked with hundreds of leaders in all types and sizes of organizations. He has a BA in Economics, an MBA and an MA in English. He’s the author of dozens of published articles, the blog “Management as a Calling,” and the books Atoms & Orchestras: The Case for Standards-Based ManagementBuildings Matter and Question-Based Planning. He’s spoken throughout the US and in Europe and Asia.

Knowledge Manager

Robert Van Mell graduated summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa in Economics from Tufts University and has Masters degrees in both Business (honors) and Computer Science from The University of Chicago. His methodology (Stop&Think) for quickly capturing, distilling and valuing knowledge is of critical value to Center members.  He is now retired.

Review Board

A standard is best managed by experienced people working with thoughtful and thorough guidelines. The Review Board sets policy for and carefully communicates changes to the terminology and resources in The GM Index of Terms.  The Board listens to our members. Click here for it’s editorial and submittal guidelines.