The General Management Toolkit

Give us the tools, and we will finish the job! – Winston Churchill

Like other standards bodies, we provide coaching, consulting and a community to help people apply the standards to their organizations.

These services are a practical and affordable alternative to traditional management education. Contact us for pricing and membership.

“My Workgroup at The Center helped me craft the three ‘Hard to Ask’ questions that our management team used to make a really tough decision. The Workgroup peers listened carefully and gave me both the ideas and the confidence to lead this career-critical conversation.”

Susan Dineen, Marketing Director at ACS

1/4-Page Meeting Planner

Abraham Lincoln said if he was going to meet someone for an hour, he’d spend three hours preparing. Thanks, Abe, but who’s got the time? The 1/4-Page Meeting Planner will quickly earn you the reputation as someone who always asks the critical question–and that’s what it means to be trusted advisor and servant leader.  Instructions and file.

Goal Tree (strategic plan)

Traditional strategic planning is based on a military model from the 1950’s, which is why it uses jargon like mission, strategy, tactic, objective and logistics. The result is often a thick “strategic plan” binder no one uses. The Goal Tree breaks that habit. Used in conjunction with the Management Self-Audit and the Projects Summary, it summarizes the team’s critical points of focus. Instructions and sample.

Management Self-Audit (gap analysis)

The Management Self-Audit ensures key processes are up to date. It’s easy to focus only on today’s problem and overlook that you’ve been doing great things. The Self-Audit can be used to prepare for planning, developing succession or manager development plans, assessing a vendor or creating a franchise or dealer training program. Instructions and sample.

Projects Summary

It’s easy to over-commit the management team unless you can see in one place what they’re working on and the time and money involved. The Projects Summary brings the top issues into focus: status, priority, leadership and of course cost. Used with the Goal Tree, it helps people stay focused on the top priorities. Instructions and sample.