A community of conscientious managers

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured
by the compassionate actions of its members. – Coretta Scott King

“My Workgroup at The Center helped me craft the three ‘Hard to Ask’ questions that our management team used to make a really tough decision. The Workgroup peers listened carefully and gave me both the ideas and the confidence to lead this career-critical conversation.”  Susan Dineen, Marketing Director at ACS


We can coach managers through all three stages of their careers: as manager, executive, and chief executive.  We use the self-assessment in The Milwaukee Model (free) to tailor a realistic development program using “live” issues.  All coaching is confidential.   We can certify individuals in Standards-Based Management, perhaps as a a preparatory alternative to the MBA.  Contact us with any questions.  Participation in our Workgroups supports career-long development and makes learning stick.


We help organizations of all types and sizes try or implement Standards-Based Management.  We might start simply with a few informal internal workshops (live or online) on our 1/4-Page Meeting Planner or the Pledge of Managerial Power.  We can then go deeper with with strategic planning, project oversight or self-audits using The Toolkit.  We can work team by team, but corporate certification is available.  As one of community said, “Standards-Based Management took 15 minutes out of every meeting.


Members participate in Best Practice Workgroups. Peers share stories, struggles and solutions.  Topics have included technical issues as well as discussion of personal development, supervisory challenges, and taking the organizational perspective.  Our participants are recognized in our catalog of best practices that are captured and sorted in our blog. Management is a challenging calling and peers support is vital.  Call to try one: 608-260-9300.

The world needs great bosses, and
great bosses need each other.

What if every manager everywhere spoke the same language and used the same terms? What if they used the same simple set of tools to plan and manage? How would following the same ethical and development standards break down barriers to everyone feeling they belong and that they’re appreciated?

And what if, together, we could break down those barriers, not just within our workplaces, but across cultural and political borders?